Masterful musicians & unexpected mash-ups. Inspired venues & passionate players. Magical evenings & adventures in sound.

MUSE/IQUE is a not-for-profit counter-conventional orchestra founded in 2011 by community leaders to create newly imagined avenues of access to classical and live music performance for everybody in our community. 

MUSE/IQUE accomplishes this through ongoing and collaborative exploration of non-traditional performance contexts and formats.  In lieu of dedicated concert spaces, MUSE/IQUE employs the city itself as an improvised venue for events.  The music and performances are curated with the immediate environs as an organic part of the art, rather than a backdrop or protective shell.  Within each event, we pair widely divergent genres and styles in order to illuminate those unexpected connections which bring a sense of joy and empowerment to our audiences. 

Every MUSE/IQUE event is an adventurous shared learning experience packaged in the form of a “pop-up” party of smart fun staged in iconic locales throughout the community.

MUSE/IQUE programming is designed and led by the singular vision and talents of Rachael Worby – the critically acclaimed music director and preeminent leader in arts education.  Ms. Worby, a pioneer of the field and one of the first women to enjoy international renown as a conductor, has turned her focus through MUSE/IQUE to re-imagining the role and possibilities for civic orchestra in America.  Through our ongoing programming, she is expanding the definition of “orchestra” to include not only the players but all of the artists, the audience, the volunteers, the surrounding environment, our collective perceptions, and more.  Ms. Worby leads a collective of the brave and virtuosic artists. 

Notable MUSE/IQUE guest artists have included Jessye Noman, Arturo Sandoval, Flea, Matt Haimovitz, Patti Austin, Mary Wilson, The Doric Quartet, Charlie Haden, Billy Childs, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Savion Glover, Laurence Juber, Courtney B. Vance, Ellis Hall and Raining Jane.     

Under her leadership, MUSE/IQUE has enjoyed viral, movement-based growth -  from an inaugural concert with Jessye Norman for a few hundred people in July of 2011 to an annual programmatic reach of over 10,000 today.  MUSE/IQUE also has developed a vital volunteer core of over 160 in the course of a year.

Since the exuberant first event just four years ago, MUSE/IQUE has developed four vital programs to serve our community: Uncorked, FREE/FOR ALL, Summer of Sound and KIDS/IQUE!  

Uncorked – Our signature series of  events in unexpected public spaces and iconic locales.

FREE/FOR ALL – Free and uninhibited live music presented on street level for the people of our community.

Summer of Sound – Our dynamic orchestral festival of music and imagination on the vibrant campus of Caltech

KIDS/IQUE – Our musical immersion program that allows for an intimate learning experience between our musicians and foster and at-risk youth in residential foster care.

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