We at MUSE/IQUE recognize you have many questions about memberships. If you do not see your question answered here, please call 626.539.7085 or email membership@muse-ique.com.

How many of my complimentary admissions can I use per event?
You may use as many complimentary admissions that you have remaining in your balance. Some members use all their admissions for one MUSE/IQUE in the City event, while others choose to spread them out across the series.
How do I redeem my complimentary admissions?
By Phone – You can call Audience Services at 626-539-7085 to submit your reservation for the next MUSE/IQUE in the City event.
By Email – You can email your reservation to membership@muse-ique.com. Please include the event title or date and the amount of admissions you wish to redeem.
Through the Membership Form – Click here on MEMBERSHIP RSVP [linkhere] or on the event page you are looking to attend.
Are new complimentary admissions automatically added at the beginning of a new season?
No, the only way to add complimentary admissions to your balance is to renew or upgrade your membership.
How can I add complimentary admissions to my balance?
You can add complimentary admissions to your balance by renewing or upgrading your membership.
May I use my complimentary admissions towards summer tickets?
No, members receive complimentary admissions only to MUSE/IQUE in the City and not to MUSE/IQUE’s SUMMER. However, you may choose to apply your membership discount towards summer ticket.
Can I use my membership discount toward summer ticket sales as well?
Yes, you may use your membership discount to purchase summer tickets.
Can I share my membership with my spouse or partner?
Yes, many couples do!
Can I subscribe to a monthly membership?
Yes, we can schedule monthly installments for your membership. If interested, please call 626-539-7085.
What is the difference between a Muse membership and a Trailblazer membership?
The Trailblazer membership incorporates an additional philanthropic gift of $1,500. At this level, Trailblazers receive invitations to intimate home events as well as to join LISTEN/IN[link here].
What if I don’t use all my complimentary admissions?
Travel plans, illness, life transitions, and moving can keep members from using all of their complimentary admissions within a year. If you do not believe you will be able to use all of your complimentary admissions, we can make special arrangements if you email membership@muse-ique.com or call 626-539-7085.
Our general policy is to allow for a grace period of one event after your membership has expired before we consider the value of the admissions a philanthropic donation to MUSE/IQUE.
 Is my membership contribution tax-deductible? If so, how much?
Yes, your membership contribution is tax-deductible. To determine the amount eligible for tax-deduction we take the membership amount and subtract the fair market value of the complimentary admissions you receive.
Innovators ($250) receive five complimentary admissions, so the amount eligible for tax-deductibility is $62.50.
Touchstones ($500) receive ten complimentary admissions, so the amount eligible for tax-deductibility is $125.
Muses ($1,000) receive twenty complimentary admissions, so the amount eligible for tax-deductibility is $250.
Trailblazers ($2,500) receive twenty complimentary admissions, so the amount eligible for tax-deductibility is $1,750.
*Please note that tax deductions will vary based on the number of tickets used.