Sunday, February 11, 2018

Music to soothe the devil in you.

The seeming simplicity of the Blues betrays a raw emotional power that speaks straight to the soul. Maybe that’s why the Blues is the howling original voice of all modern American music – from R&B to rock and roll to country music.

They say if you really want to understand the Blues, you’ve got to go to the crossroads and let the devil tune your guitar – but maybe we’ve found a shortcut.  Join Rachael Worby and some of the city’s best musicians for our own crossroads of discovery, smart fun, and the kind of musical pain that just sounds so right.



  • One of the most pervasive myths in the music world is that of Robert Johnson. In the 1920’s, Johnson wanted to play the Blues but wasn’t very good with a guitar. He went out to the crossroads just before midnight and let the devil tune his guitar. From there, he became an iconic Blues musician.

  • Artistic Director Rachael Worby will narrate our journey and provide her insight into the venue, the repertoire, and the theme.
  • Like all MUSE/IQUE events, this will feature a multitude of connections across music styles and disciplines. 

Location TBA

Mingling + Refreshments 6pm / Performance 7pm
Concessions available for purchase. / 70-minute show with no intermission

Seating is eclectic and mostly unreserved. For more information about a select few reserved seats through sponsorship or elevated philanthropic giving, please call Development Director Liliane Ribeiro at 626-844-7703 or email
Suggested Attire: Dressy Casual


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