Saturday, August 3, 2019

TRAIN/GLORY: Music inspired by trains moves us to new places.
Featuring: Liv Redpath, BODYTRAFFIC, HyeJin Kim & Alyssa Park
Conducted and Curated by: Rachael Worby 
Presented by: East West Bank
Media Sponsor: KPCC

From the Transcontinental Railroad to our children’s favorite toys, the train has always been a catalyst for human inspiration and connection. 
For centuries, these steam-powered stallions have inspired some of the most beloved and influential music and film in American history.  
Travel with Artistic Director Rachael Worby, soaring soprano Liv Redpath, dance groundbreakers BODYTRAFFIC, rising star pianist HyeJin Kim, brilliant violinist Alyssa Park, and the MUSE/IQUE orchestra in an exploration of these mechanical muses, and experience the glory of trains.

Parking is available for free in the Huntington lot. 

Doors and Dining open at 6PM 
Music begins at 8PM
Event address: 1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino, CA 91108 

For information on becoming a Sponsoring Patron, please call 626-844-7703

Bring your own picnic creation or choose from elevated grab-and-go fare at The Huntington's wildly popular Cafe 1919, open exclusively to attendees.

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