Monday, September 23, 2019

Members are the bass line of MUSE/IQUE!

Our world-famous, beloved bassist Michael Valerio and Rachael Worby answer music's most bass-ic questions. Why do bass players stand? Why do they pluck when they pluck when they pluck and bow when they bow? What makes the electric bass so... well, electrifying? And why is the Motown bass line so revolutionary? 
We love our members!

We are bubbling over with gratitude. Clink glasses with Rachael and the whole MUSE/IQUE team and allow us to express big thanks over small bites and lively conversation.

You're the first to know!

We're throwing this party so we can tell you about the coolest details of the coming season, and so we can share how membership just got way easier for you and a whole lot better for our community.

Join us for your party on September 23!

Not a member? Call the box office at (626) 539- 7085 for more information.