Sunday, November 1, 2020


Filming Sunday, November, 1, 2020

From the electric to the upright; four strings or five or six; the bass is the foundation upon which music is built. How does the bass inform the way we listen to music? How does the bass hold the band together?

You'll hear the magic in music with this immersive, behind-the-scenes masterclass about the bass across a variety of genres, from classical to classic rock. Artistic Director Rachael Worby and a class of elite musicians dive into the deep end of the musical spectrum and give you the LOW/DOWN on all things bass!

Around Town

This season Around Town is live and on film! Each event will be presented with safe, social distancing measures in effect. Select members will have an exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunity to participate as extras on the set. Shot on location, these live performances celebrate the musical roots that help us understand each other. These films will premiere for music lovers everywhere in the late fall and winter months. For more information, email info@muse-ique.com.

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