HOME/MADE: The Home Movie

We stayed together in music, now we move forward together in music.

This past year of MUSE/IQUE looked unlike any other in our ten-year history. During our stay-at-home period, we were challenged to find new ways to reach out and stay connected. And we did—through drive-in performances, lawn serenades, and our smash-hit web series In A Minute! (...Or Two).

Our friend and MUSE/IQUE board member Christine Swanson filmed a home-movie-style video of our performance HOME/MADE, as a tribute to the ways in which we came together and kept the music going. Christine Swanson is an award-winning filmmaker and has developed, written and/or directed movie projects for HBO Films, Magnolia Pictures, State Street Pictures, TV One and Faith Filmworks.

And now, to thank you for your unwavering support, we're sharing this HOME/MADE home movie with you for the very first time.

When we performed HOME/MADE, we asked ourselves (and you): Where do we go when we go home? Is home a place? A person? A feeling? That day, and all year long, you helped us celebrate the meaning of home: the places from which we come, the homes we build, the people and feelings we choose to surround around us.

When we're up on that stage performing for all of you, we're home.

Now, we have our new season L.A. Composed: A Festival of Los Angeles Music led by Artistic Director Rachael Worby right around the corner. We're ready to be back home up on the stage with all of you in the audience again. We're so proud of the upcoming season we've created for you, and we know you're going to love it.

We'll see you soon!