We at MUSE/IQUE recognize you have many questions about the SUMMER/PASSPORTS.  We greatly appreciate them and will post them on this page as they are received.  If you do not see your question answered here, please call 626-539-7085 or email membership@muse-ique.com.


SUMMER/PASSPORTS are a flexible, friendly way to get set for summer.  Similar to the Uncorked memberships, PASSPORTS provide the passholder with complimentary admissions that can be applied across any and all summer events.
When can I purchase a SUMMER/PASSPORT?
SUMMER/PASSPORTS go on sale Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 9 AM.  At this date and time, the black button at the bottom of the SUMMER/PASSPORTS page will become active. 

If you need any assistance, please reach Araceli Castillo, Audience Development Manager, at 626-539-7085 or via email at membership@muse-ique.com.

How can I use my SUMMER/PASSPORT?
SUMMER/PASSPORTS are intended to empower the passholder to curate a unique experience.  While we recommend attending all three events to get the full impact of the MOTOWN series, passholders are welcome to use their seats at one, two, or three events. 

Once you indicate that you are ready to reserve seats, MUSE/IQUE staff will work with you to reserve the best seats available.  The last three rows of the Circle of Muses section and the entire Summer Seating section will be held for passholders until two weeks before each event.  On June 9, July 7, and August 11 at 5PM, MUSE/IQUE staff will begin to assign seats for single ticket buyers. 

Please note that availability of certain seats decreases closer to the date of the performance.
What is the difference between a MUSE/PASSPORT and a MOTOWN/PASSPORT?
A MUSE/PASSPORT allows the passholder to reserve seats in the Circle of Muses section (right behind the Sponsoring Patron rows and including what was formerly Preferred A + B). 

A MOTOWN/PASSPORT allows the passholder to reserve seats in the Summer Seating section (what was formerly Preferred C-F and Reserved).
Will single tickets be available this year?
Yes!  Single tickets go on sale mid-April, and all membership and community discounts apply per usual.  This year, single tickets are general admissions, which here means that MUSE/IQUE staff will assign specific seats to ensure groups stay together.

Ticket orders will be reviewed in the order they are received.  Exact seating assignments will be provided on the week of each event. 

Seating preferences (e.g. “as close to the middle of the row as possible” or “in a group with [First Name] [Last Name]” ) as well as ADA accommodations (e.g.“one wheelchair admission” or “seat close to monitors”) are much appreciated and will be fulfilled to the best of our ability.  You may use the “Comments/Special Instructions” section of the checkout form.  Please note, however, that especially as the date of the event approaches our inventory may not allow us to fulfill every request.  Last-minute additions, for example, may require a group to move a few rows back.


What if I need a different amount of admissions on my SUMMER/PASSPORT (e.g. seven admissions instead of six)?
We also offer PASSPORT/Add-ons for any additional seats you may need.  Add-ons are purchased by the seat (rather than in threes).  The following are the prices of each add-on:

MUSE/Add-on - $90/seat
MOTOWN/Add-on - $30/seat

If you need 7 admissions on your MUSE/PASSPORT, for example, your subtotal price before processing fees would be $590 ($500 for six admissions + $90 Add-on).
How does each SUMMER/PASSPORT compare to the single ticket prices?
This year, MUSE/IQUE simplified its section map and will offer the following single ticket prices and respective savings for passholders:


Will my membership impact the pricing of my SUMMER/PASSPORT?
SUMMER/PASSPORTS were actually created with existing memberships in mind, so they offer incredible savings.  No further discounts apply to the prices of the PASSPORTS as they already provide 30-40% savings on the summer.