MUSE/IQUE In A Minute! (...Or Two)



MUSE/IQUE In A Minute! (…Or Two) is a web series that packs the magic of our live events into, well, a minute or two! In each episode, Artistic Director Rachael Worby gives us quick, sharp musicological insight and our favorite instrumentalists, vocalists, dancers and artists deliver unique, intimate performances. Watch songs come to life as artists record separately in their homes across time and space; how the harp is played from multiple vantage points; or how dance changes when set to spoken word, or when the only sound comes from the movement and breath of the dancer! It only takes a minute or two to learn something new each episode!

Artistic Director Rachael Worby and your favorite instrumentalists, vocalists, dancers, and artists curate intimate performances just for you. Click any episode tile to get started!  Or, click here to see a list of all episodes.

In A Minute! Episode List

Ep. #1: Featuring Bass Extraordinaire Michael Valerio - "Come Together"

Ep. #2: Featuring Pop-Opera Vocalist Ashley Faatoalia - "Lean On Me"

Ep. #3: Featuring Illustrious Guitarist Laurence Juber - "Across The Universe"

Ep. #4: Featuring the Inimitable Vocalist Kenton Chen - "Your Song"

Ep. #5: Featuring the Dynamic Tap Dancer Keith Prater  - "Reach Out (I'll Be There)"

Ep. #6: Featuring George Krikes on Guitar and Vocals - "Hey Jude"

Ep. #7: Featuring Fantastic Harpist Alison Bjorkedal - "Ten Past Two"

Ep. #8: Featuring Pitch-Perfect A capella group Ember - "How Deep Is Your Love"

Ep. #9: Featuring Claire Brazeau on Oboe and Piano - "In My Life"

Ep. #10: Featuring "Ambassador of Soul" Ellis Hall - "Let the Good Times Roll"

Ep. #11: Featuring Soprano Liv Redpath & Michael Valerio - "Over the Rainbow"

Ep. #12: Featuring Vocal Percussionist Tracy LJ Robertson - "With A Little Help From My Friends"

Ep. #13: Featuring Dynamic Dancers from BODYTRAFFIC -"I See A Million People (But All I Can See Is You)"

Ep. #14: Featuring LaNesha Latimer & Fausto Cuevas - "Higher Ground"

Ep. #15: Featuring Fabulous Pianist Dayramir Gonzalez - "Let It Be"

Ep. #16: Featuring Principal Violinist Martin Chalifour - "Edelweiss"

Ep. #17: Featuring Drummer Mona Tavakoli on Cajón - "I Feel Good"

Ep. #18: Featuring Liv Redpath on Vocals and Piano - "Blackbird" 

Ep. #19: Featuring Stephanie Kim Choreographed by Kitty McNamee - "SILENCE" 

Ep. #20: Featuring Mike Valerio, George Krikes, & Alan Steinberger "Place in the Sun"

Ep. #21: Featuring Guitarist and Singer George Krikes"Cecilia

Ep. #22: Featuring the Great Dan Rosenbloom on Trumpet "Somewhere"

Ep. #23: Featuring Perfect Harmonies from the T Sisters - "California' Dreamin"

Ep. #24: Featuring Kenton Chen and Molly Miller - "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Ep. #25: Featuring Chris Pierce on Guitar and Vocals - "Stand By Me"

Ep. #26: Featuring the Incredible Vocal Band ARORA - "When You Wish Upon A Star"

Ep. #27: Featuring Prodigious Vocalist Jeffrey Bernstein - "America"

Ep. #28: Featuring Phenomenal Whistler Eric Gradman - "La Vie En Rose"

Ep. #29: Featuring Michael Valerio and Measha Brueggergosman - "How High the Moon"

Ep. #30: Featuring Pitch Perfect Singers from ACABELLA - "American Tune"

Ep. #31: Featuring Alan Steinberger (and his cat!) on Piano - "The Dancers"

Ep. #32: Featuring Uplifting Harmonies from DC6 Singers  - "Balm of Gilead"

Ep. #33: Featuring Ashley Faatoalia and Chris Pierce - "Amazing Grace"

Ep. #34: Featuring Dancers from Jacob Jonas The Company - "REFLECT THE TIMES"

Ep. #35: Featuring Pitch Perfect Singers from ACABELLA - "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing"

Ep. #36: Featuring the Incredible Vocal Group ARORA - "Across the Universe"

Ep. #37: Featuring Fabulous Pianist Dayramir Gonzalez - "Guantanemera"

Ep. #38: Featuring Mike Valerio & Measha Brueggergosman - "Blue Skies"

Ep. #39: Featuring Shelby Colona from Ballet Hispanico - "18+1"

Ep. #40: Featuring Ashley Faatoalia and Molly Miller - "Fly Me to the Moon"

Ep. #41: Featuring the Outstanding Vocal Band EMBER - "The Boxer"

Ep. #42: Featuring Uplifting Harmonies from DC6 Singers - "Natural Woman"

Ep. #43: Featuring Joanne Pearce-Martin, Gavin Martin Desi Jévon - "Samba... alla Turca!"

Ep. #44: Featuring Cedric Berry and Alan Chapman - "S'Wonderful"

Ep. #45: Featuring Virtuoso Guitarist Laurence Juber - "When I'm Sixty Fourl"