L.A. ComposedA Festival of Los Angeles Music
Led by Artistic Director Rachael Worby

Los Angeles has always been a city of dreamers and doers; a collector of transplants, a haven for explorers; a bubbling hub of innovation and wild creativity. What happens in Los Angeles can only happen here.

The musical legacy of Los Angeles is full of musical change-makers, rule-breakers, and risk-takers. It’s a vibrant tapestry woven with thousands of threads.

In the spirit of rediscovery and radical celebration, MUSE/IQUE tells the story of Los Angeles, celebrating the intersections where musical magic was made.

This season, we're offering multiple showings of each event in order to bring the live music experience to as many people as possible. Join us as we return to The Huntington and at a brand new location: The Skirball! 

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Up Next | Streets Make Music!

Join us for a wild ride through the streets of Los Angeles as Artistic Director Rachael Worby and a band of spectacular musicians and artists explore the sounds of Central Avenue, Laurel and Topanga Canyon, Route 66 and Highway 1, Hollywood and Vine, Grand Avenue, Whittier Boulevard, and Sunset Boulevard.

2021 | Iconic L.A. Moments and Artists


In 1971, Carole King moved from New York to Los Angeles to change the course of her career. Instead, she changed the world. From “You’ve Got a Friend” to “Where you Lead” and “I Feel the Earth Move” to “Natural Woman”, Tapestry changed the musical landscape for singer-songwriters and became a quintessential piece of Los Angeles’s musical history. In honor of the 50th anniversary of this iconic record, MUSE/IQUE weaves a surprising new performance of her seminal album through an eclectic range of performers and styles.

July 14 and 15 at The Huntington | July 18 at The Skirball


From big brass beds to knockin' on heaven's door, Bob Dylan's music and lyrics evoke powerful images and stories in our minds like no other songwriter in history. It is no wonder Dylan's music has been featured hundreds of times in movies and paired with some of the most powerful and striking moments on screen. It also makes wildly good sense he found himself drawn to the City of Angels time and time again! In this performance, MUSE/IQUE explores Bob Dylan on the west coast and his quintessentially cinematic songs through the Hollywood lens.

August 18 and 19 at The Huntington | August 22 at The Skirball


“The House that Nat Built” is an impressive nickname and no small feat. Nat who? Only a young jazz pianist who would become Nat King Cole, one of the most decorated singers of all-time. The House? Capitol Records, the legendary recording studio that is synonymous with the Los Angeles music scene writ large. In this performance, MUSE/IQUE explores the enduring music of Nat King Cole and his impressive L.A. story, from his lasting legacy on television, on the Billboard charts, in the recording booth, and beyond.

September 22 and 23 at The Huntington | September 26 at The Skirball


All we ever needed to make our lives whole was the voice of Etta James. Born in Los Angeles in 1938, her storied career came to symbolize the multi-layered creative innovations of our city. She made the world's best musicians—from Elvis to B.B. King to Chuck Berry—even better. And with her vocal magic, she masterfully blended the best of the American sound—from blues, R&B, and soul to rock, jazz, and gospel. In this life-affirming performance, MUSE/IQUE celebrates our favorite Etta songs and we relive her most famous collaborations.

October 13 and 14 at The Huntington | October 17 at The Skirball
PLEASE NOTE: The 10/17 showing of  Etta At Last is at capacity and no longer accepting reservations