We at MUSE/IQUE recognize you have may have additional questions about memberships. If you do not see your question answered here, please call (626) 539-7085 or email membership@muse-ique.com.

How does membership work?
Membership means you get admission to all of our shows for a year. Just pick how many lucky guests you want in your party! When you want to attend a show, RSVP for you and your guests. That's it! Super simple.
How do I redeem my complimentary admissions?
By Phone – You can call Audience Services at (626) 539-7085 to submit your reservation for the next event.
By Email – You can email your reservation to membership@muse-ique.com. Please include the event title or date and the names of your guests.
Through the Membership Form – Click here on or on the event page you are looking to attend.
Can I increase the number of people in my party? What if I want to invite more guests to a show?

You can update your membership at any time!
Can I share my membership with my spouse or partner?
Yes, we can add your partner's name to your membership! 
What if I don’t use all my admissions?
Travel plans, illness, life transitions, and moving can keep members from using all of their admissions. If you do not believe you will be able to use all of your complimentary admissions, we can make special arrangements if you email membership@muse-ique.com or call us at (62) 539-7085.
Is my membership contribution tax-deductible? 
Yes, your membership contribution is tax-deductible. Please note that tax deductions will vary based on your membership level. 

What are the membership levels? 

Just me! ($200) receive admission for one to all of our events

Party for Two
($400) receive admission for two to all of our events

Party for Four ($750) receive admission for four to all of our events, plus one-half table at our Summer Experience
Party for Eight ($1500) receive admission for eight to all of our events, plus one table at our Summer Experience and the option to self-reserve your table

Party for Eight - Community Support ($3000) receive all the benefits of our Party for Eight membership, plus invitations to select special events including our on-site interactive community programs with our Director of Education

Sponsoring Patron ($10,000) receive all the perks we have for your tremendous support! You'll receive reserved seating for our Around Town shows and premium seating for our Summer Experience with concierge service. For more details, call us at (636) 844-7703.

There are so many options! Which membership is right for me? 
Everyone is welcome! We are ready to walk you through the process. Call our Audience Services line at (626) 539-7085 or email us at membership@muse-ique.com.