We at MUSE/IQUE recognize you have many questions about memberships. If you do not see your question answered here, please call 626.539.7085 or email membership@muse-ique.com.

How many of my complimentary admissions can I use per event?
You may use as many complimentary admissions that you have remaining in your balance. Some members use all their admissions for one event, while others choose to spread them out across the series.
How do I redeem my complimentary admissions?
By Phone – You can call Audience Services at 626-539-7085 to submit your reservation for the next event.
By Email – You can email your reservation to membership@muse-ique.com. Please include the event title or date and the amount of admissions you wish to redeem.
Through the Membership Form – Click here on MEMBERSHIP RSVP [linkhere] or on the event page you are looking to attend.
Are new complimentary admissions automatically added at the beginning of a new season?
No, the only way to add complimentary admissions to your balance is to renew or upgrade your membership.
How can I add complimentary admissions to my balance?
You can add complimentary admissions to your balance by renewing or upgrading your membership.
May I use my complimentary admissions towards summer tickets?
Yes. Your Membership complimentary admissions can be used towards summer show seating in the Gallery Section. Upgraded tickets may be purchased with your discount.
Can I use my membership discount toward summer ticket sales as well?
Yes, you may use your membership discount to purchase summer tickets.
Can I share my membership with my spouse or partner?
Yes, many couples do!
What is the difference between a Trailblazer Ambassador membership and a Trailblazer membership?
The Trailblazer Ambassador membership incorporates an additional philanthropic gift of $2,000. At this level, Trailblazers receive invitations to intimate home events as well as to join LISTEN/IN [link here].
What if I don’t use all my complimentary admissions?
Travel plans, illness, life transitions, and moving can keep members from using all of their complimentary admissions within a year. If you do not believe you will be able to use all of your complimentary admissions, we can make special arrangements if you email membership@muse-ique.com or call 626-539-7085.
Our general policy is to allow for a grace period of one event after your membership has expired before we consider the value of the admissions a philanthropic donation to MUSE/IQUE.
Is my membership contribution tax-deductible? 
Yes, your membership contribution is tax-deductible. Please note that tax deductions will vary based on the number of tickets used. 

What are the membership levels? 
($150) receive two complimentary admissions, 10% off additional purchases

Innovator ($360) receive six complimentary admissions, 15% off additional purchases
Touchstone ($600) receive ten complimentary admissions, 
15% off additional purchases
Muse ($1,200) receive twenty complimentary admissions, 
15% off additional purchases, invitations to private events

Vanguard  ($1,500) receive twenty-four complimentary admissions,15% off additional purchases, invitations to private events

Trailblazer ($3,500) receive thirty-two complimentary admissions,15% off additional purchases, invitations to private events, Summer seating in the Preferred Section

Trailblazer Ambassador ($5,000) A Trailblazer Membership + a $2,000 donation to our education programs, private event with Rachael Worby + exclusive perks. 

There are so many options! Which membership is right for me? 
Brianne Hannum, our Audience Development Manager, is ready to walk you through the process. Call our Audience Services line 626-539-7085 or email her via membership@muse-ique.com.