Saturday, July 6, 2019

MOVING/PICTURES:  Celebrating America’s film scores as the language of imagination.
Featuring: Joshua Henry, Ben Hong, and the MUSE/IQUE orchestra.
Curated and Conducted by: Rachael Worby
Presented by: East West Bank
Media Sponsor: KPCC

A ticket to the movies has always been a ticket to our wildest dreams. 
Through our favorite films, we can transform into anyone from superheroes to supervillains, from baseball players to political icons. 
Join Rachael Worby, three-time Tony Award nominee Joshua Henry, master cellist Ben Hong, and the MUSE/IQUE orchestra as we explore the MOVING/PICTURES that have moved our culture for over a century. 
Parking is available for free in the Huntington lot. 

Doors and Dining open at 6PM 
Music begins at 8PM
Event address: 1151 Oxford Rd, San Marino, CA 91108 

For information on becoming a Sponsoring Patron, please call 626-844-7703

Bring your own picnic creation or choose from elevated grab-and-go fare at The Huntington's wildly popular Cafe 1919, open exclusively to attendees.

Cafe 1919 Menu

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