In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #7

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Ep. #7: Featuring Fantastic Harpist Alison Bjorkedal 
"Ten Past Two" by Pearl Chertok

What do Marie Antoinette, Harpo Marx, Loreena McKennitt, and Alice Coltrane have in common? They all played the harp.

This incredible instrument, known for its connection to health and healing, can be found in absolutely every corner of the globe. The palms used to stop the strings, the feet which operate the pedals, the arpeggios (rapid succession of notes), the glissandi (sweeping motion of the hands across the strings), and all the other techniques are mesmerizing to watch and to hear!

Now set your clocks to "Ten Past Two", listen and look, as MUSE/IQUE’s favorite harpist, Alison Bjorkedal, plays Pearl Chertok's “Ten Past Two” for this epsiode of In A Minute! (...Or Two).

A note from Alison

"The poetry Chertok writes with this movement captures an afternoon stroll, which is an activity that brings me great joy these days. Chertok was classically trained but played plenty of non-classical music in her role as staff harpist for CBS Television Orchestra. 'Ten Past Two' has a catchy bounce in the lower notes, taken by my left hand, and a breezy melody in my right hand, made more jazzy by plucking a string and then sliding a pedal quickly to make the note 'bend'. Many people are confused by the seven pedals at a harpist's feet. They are different from the piano pedals. Our harp strings are set to be the 'white notes' on the piano and we use our foot pedals to mechanically adjust the strings to create the 'black notes' of the piano when we need them." – Alison Bjorkedal

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