In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #9

Monday, April 6, 2020

Ep. #9: Featuring Claire Brazeau On Oboe and Piano
"In My Life"

Peeking into the magic of music elucidates songs in provocative new ways. Producer and "fifth Beatle" Sir George Martin is the man whose genius and creative support gave The Beatles the freedom to push the boundaries of possibility. While creating material, the band would often lay down a track and leave a hole in the middle for a solo; the brilliance of the solo in “In My Life” is an example of George Martin’s studio wizardry:

"I did it with what I call a ‘wound up’ piano, which was at double-speed – partly because you get a harpsichord sound by shortening the attack of everything, but also because I couldn’t play it at real speed anyway. So I played it on piano at exactly half normal speed, and down an octave. When you bring the tape back to normal speed again, it sounds pretty brilliant. It’s a means of tricking everybody into thinking you can do something really well.” – George Martin

We invited MUSE/IQUE's Claire Brazeau to create a version of "In My Life”.

She says: "I wanted to stay true to the original song, so the oboe plays the melody exactly as I was used to hearing it. The English horn covers the guitar solos and the harmonizing voice because it fits the instrument's lower range. My favorite instrumental part is the piano solo...I was amused to learn that George Martin had trouble playing it up to speed too! I'm not a recording engineer, so I had to practice a bit more..."

In this MUSE/IQUE In A Minute! (...Or Two), John Lennon's famous words will inevitably ring in your ears, take you back to your roots and remind you to cherish that which we have in the present.

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