In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #13

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Ep. #13: Featuring Dynamic Dancers from BODYTRAFFIC
"I See A Million People (But All I Can See Is You)"

Miss Peggy Lee.
Dubbed “The Queen" by Duke Ellington. Singer. Lyricist. Composer. Actress. Painter. Poet.

Miss Lee knew success in every arena she entered and left behind a legacy few women can claim. The common thread in all her work was her perfectionism; her attention to detail and the way she physically transformed herself were unparalleled. Unlike many other singers of her time, who were exploring improvisation, Peggy Lee cultivated and curated every moment of every song. Every physical nuance of her persona and her voice were choreographed. We know that when she sang, she often used visual imagery which moved with the music.

What better way to celebrate Miss Peggy Lee than through the actual physical movement of premiere Los Angeles dance company, BODYTRAFFIC. Choreographed as an ensemble piece by Matthew Neenan, and inspired by the great voice of Peggy Lee, the dancers explore Miss Lee’s song through a fresh lens.

"This piece represents community and hopefulness for a country that is inclusive and progressive! Dancing without the others, I can feel them! The movement was created with them and the music reminds me of them. I can feel their energy around me. It felt like replaying a beautiful memory! - Jamal Kamau White, BODYTRAFFIC Dancer

"Filming an ensemble piece alone really highlighted, for me, how important the group as a whole truly is…Some movements and sections that normally feel natural and organic when done in a group, felt lackluster and out of place when I did them alone. It felt like a physical reflection of how a lot of us are feeling internally during these times….” - Rachel Secrest, BODYTRAFFIC Dancer

"During this time, I miss my community and dancing next to people I love, but I am reminded that even through the hardest times and self-isolation I am not alone. - Haley Heckethorn, BODYTRAFFIC Dancer