In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #17

Friday, April 24, 2020

Ep. #18: Featuring Drummer Mona Tavakoli on Cajón
"I Feel Good"

There are only a handful of people credited with inventing an entire genre of music. They include Thomas A. Dorsey, Father of Gospel; Bill Monroe, King of Bluegrass; Buddy Bolden, Pioneer of Jazz; and James Brown, Progenitor of Funk. When asked “What is funk music?”, James Brown replied “The truth”. Mixing soul, R&B, and jazz, the funk sound grew up in the 1960s and today serves as the genesis of multiple subgenres, like hip hop, which relies heavily on funk samples.

Riding the charts for four decades, James Brown had an astounding 92 Hot 100 Hits. James Brown was one of the honored musicians chosen for the first induction ceremony into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On that auspicious occasion he shared the stage with Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Ray Charles, but was the only performer with a new hit song, “Living in America”.

MUSE/IQUE’s Mona Tavakoli brings you his biggest hit, “I Feel Good”, the song that she describes as a “spirited lightning bolt ride of joy”.

MUSE/IQUE holds such a special place in my heart! The brilliant Rachael Worby first invited me to play my cajón and sing in a program in 2014. Fun Fact: I had never sung solo in my life until Rachael MADE me. I am a percussionist and drummer and feel my best when I play cajón. Rachael pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to sing accompanied only by my cajón. I am forever grateful to Rachael and MUSE/IQUE for this opportunity to share my voice. I love the community-conscious programming of MUSE/IQUE and am so honored to be a part of this family of badass artists!" – Mona Tavakoli