In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #21

Monday, May 4, 2020

Ep. #22: Featuring Guitarist and Singer George Krikes

In 1957, a duo calling themselves Tom and Jerry released their first single “Hey Schoolgirl". Reaching #54 on the charts and landing thema spot performing on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, this was just the beginning for those two 16-year old kids. In the early 1960s they emerged as themselves, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

April 20th, 2020, marked the 50th anniversary of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia” single release. As Paul Simon explained in an interview with Rolling Stone: "Every day I'd come back from the studio, working on whatever we were working on, and I'd play this pounding thing. So then I said, 'Let's make a record out of that.' So we copied it over and extended it double the amount, so now we have three minutes of track, and the track is great. So now I pick up the guitar and I start to go, 'Well, this will be like the guitar part' - dung chicka dung chicka dung, and lyrics were virtually the first lines I said: 'You're breakin' my heart, I'm down on my knees.' They're not lines at all, but it was right for that song, and I like that. It was like a little piece of magical fluff, but it works." 

The loop that Paul Simon created was groundbreaking and included experimental sounds from Paul and Art slapping their thighs and Paul's brother Eddie banging on a piano bench. Later they added drumsticks dropping on the parquet floor, Simon playing random notes on a xylophone and drums played by veteran Wrecking Crew drummer Hal Blaine. A true slice of American music, "Cecilia" provides a taste of the world-rhythms and sounds that Paul Simon still brings to his solo career. 

Celebrating Simon and Garfunkel, 
MUSE/IQUE’s George Krikes brings his own inspiration to the song and story of "Cecilia".

"Who doesn't love 'Cecilia'? It's truly one of the greatest examples of what you can do with three chords, a driving rhythm, and a strong, simple melody. Paul Simon is inarguably one of the most competent and prolific songwriters of all time, and I'm so happy to be back with 
MUSE/IQUE In A Minute! (...Or Two) to share a little quarantine version of this classic!" – George Krikes