In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #24

Monday, May 11, 2020

Ep. #24: Featuring Kenton Chen and Molly Miller
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"

For 50 years, Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” has revealed our strengths and offered us salvation. It was during a session at CBS Studios in Hollywood that Paul Simon realized his song had the potential to be a lasting anthem. Inspired by The Righteous Brothers, whose songs built to powerful finales, he reconsidered his song. He extended the text and added rich instrumentation including untamed percussion by the great Wrecking Crew drummer, Hal Blaine.

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” reached #1 in both the US and UK simultaneously, and won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year. Aretha Franklin’s version also won a Grammy for Best R&B Female Vocal Performance. Years later, Clay Aiken’s version became a best-selling pop single.

MUSE/IQUE invites Kenton Chen and Molly Miller to bridge time and space, and bring us all just a little bit closer together.

“This piece has been a place of comfort for me over the years, a constant friend I can return to again and again. I have a little bit of Aretha Franklin's version in my head when I sing this tune. I recorded this with Molly at the start of quarantine, when I was still worried about my neighbors and the noise, so I was being pretty careful not to sing too loud the whole time--looking back, it's actually a great restriction because it makes the arrangement feel more urgent and intimate.” – Kenton Chen

“I feel so fortunate to be in the 
MUSE/IQUE family. This community understands the power of music on an intellectual and emotional level. I have been a part of this wonderful team for about four years, so I know that every performance is unique, powerful, and memorable. MUSE/IQUE knows how to honor music, educate, and entertain at the same time. WOW!” – Molly Miller