In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #28

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Ep. #28: Featuring Phenomenal Whistler Eric Gradman
"La Vie En Rose"

Edith Piaf’s life reads more like a Greek tragedy than a Hollywood fairytale, but she approached it like the song that made her a national hero and an international star, “La Vie En Rose” – life through rose-colored glasses. A signature song if there ever were one!

“La Vie En Rose” became a standard for countless artists, including the unforgettable version by Louis Armstrong. With its simple melody on trumpet, warm vocals, and powerful reprise to that final high D, the arrangement was one Armstrong performed throughout his career.

Embracing the sparrow’s song, 
MUSE/IQUE’s Eric Gradman displays his unique voice as “La Vie En Rose” soars.

“There are two ways to do 'La Vie En Rose'. You can do it straight like Edith Piaf wrote it, or you can try to channel Louis Armstrong. Now I'm no trumpet player, but I definitely imagine Louis when I'm playing this piece…alas, whistling is the only instrument I can play. I'm fortunate that it's both a versatile and expressive way to make music.” – Eric Gradman