In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #30

Monday, May 25, 2020

Ep. #30: Featuring Pitch Perfect Singers from ACABELLA
"American Tune"

“American Tune”, which borrows its melodic line and some harmonies from both the Lutheran Hymnal and Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, is a masterful exploration of the disparity between what is sometimes promise and what is sometimes reality. Simon’s poetic lyrics ask us to hold on to hope for the promise of a better future.

Most of the world would agree that Paul Simon is a voice of our time. His performance of “American Tune”, recorded live from Central Park in 1981, is one of the most iconic renderings of his song, but another might be this one, performed by the ACABELLA Trio who emerge, with their fearless arranger and leader David Pinto, from
 MUSE/IQUE’s proud community partner, Academy of Music for the Blind.

“When Rachael first told me she would love for ACABELLA to perform 'American Tune' on Memorial Day, I thought it might not be the right fit for them. But while rehearsing the song during an AMB Zoom music class, 12-year-old Riya, the youngest of the ‘Bellas, inquired, 'When do we get to go back to the Academy? I hate being stuck here at home! So, why are we singing 'we're so far away from home'?' I answered, 'Home is not just your house. It's also the places, things, and people that you love and are familiar with. Like your school, your grandma and grandpa, and your neighbor next door. Home is the familiar things you love doing like going to the movies, playing on the swings and slide in the park, and comforting a friend who just skinned their knee.' Riya said ‘Oh! I can't wait to get back home!’ That sold me, this was the perfect song for this day . . . these times.” - David Pinto