In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #44

Monday, July 6, 2020

Ep. #44: Featuring Cedric Berry & Alan Chapman

Fred Astaire danced with Hollywood’s finest leading women: Ginger Rogers, Eleanor Powell, Cyd Charisse, Rita Hayworth, Leslie Caron, Jane Powell, Virginia Dale and Marjorie Reynolds—to name a few! His first partner, however, was his big sister Adele.

The Astaire siblings starred in the Gershwin brothers' full-length Broadway musical Lady, Be Good!. The next Gershwin brothers’ hit, Funny Face, also starred Adele and Fred Astaire. It is this show that gave us the beloved “S’Wonderful”, originally sung by Adele Astaire and Allen Kearns, and later performed by Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn in the 1957 film adaptation.

If the sign of a great song is how often it is reinvented, then “S’Wonderful”, with more than 400 recorded versions, is one of the greats. MUSE/IQUE’s Cedric Berry sings Alan Chapman’s arrangement of this American Standard.

The Gershwin brothers en route to Hollywood