In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #52

Ep. #52: Featuring Maiya Sykes, Alan Steinberger, Jamey Tate and Michael Valerio
"Get Happy"

One song can change the course of a person’s life forever, and this was the case for a young man named Harold Arlen from Buffalo, NY.

Performing in a Broadway pit orchestra, Arlen loved to play a catchy riff to summon the actors back to rehearsal. “I didn’t know I was composing anything. I was just improvising, naturally! And one day along comes a guy I’ve met named Harry Warren, and he introduces me to a guy named Ted Koehler, who writes lyrics. Koehler sits down and writes a set of words to my little vamp, and he called it 'Get Happy'. I didn’t seek it out, or ask for it – it just happened. …I started getting $50 a week…I didn’t even have to come in. Every week they sent me $50 a week for whatever I felt like writing. Marvelous!”

In the spirit of Arlen’s love of jazz, MUSE/IQUE’s Michael Valerio has re-imagined “Get Happy” in this new arrangement, with an all-star cast featuring Maiya Sykes on vocals, Alan Steinberger on piano, Jamey Tate on drums and Michael Valerio himself playing bass.