In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #60

Ep. #60: Featuring Stellar Guitarist Kay-Ta Matsuno
"My One and Only Love"

"Gee, that's a great tune. I'll get a lyric for you, if you let me have the rights." said publisher Robert Mellin to composer Guy Wood.

A short while later lyricist Jack Lawrence, famous for hits like Sinatra’s “All Or Nothing At All” added words to the song then titled “Music From Beyond the Moon”. Although recorded by several artists, “Music From Beyond the Moon” was a flop.

Later, Guy Wood heard from a friend that Frank Sinatra was singing his song but Wood didn’t recognize the title. It turns out, that without Wood’s knowledge, Mellin himself re-wrote the title and lyrics and republished the song as “My One and Only Love”.

Sinatra embraced the song both as a standard part of his live concert repertoire and also recorded it. A decade later, John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman’s masterpiece made history.

MUSE/IQUE’s Kay-Ta Matsuno and “My One and Only Love” arranged for guitar.