In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #72

Ep. #72 Featuring Tierney Sutton and Alan Steinberger

When the lyrics “Those fingers through my hair...” come to mind, odds are the singing voice inside your head is Frank Sinatra’s. While the tune has had dozens of brilliant interpreters over the years, there is no doubt that “The Chairman’s” version is the one fused to our collective memories. Oddly enough, had it not been for a random act of fate, Sinatra’s “Witchcraft” might never have entered recording history.

Here’s the tale! While he was in LA shooting the cinematic version of Pal Joey (yes, that Pal Joey from which Episode #71’s tune got its start!) Capitol Records grew impatient to get a new Sinatra single playing over the airwaves and on home record players. At the company’s demand, Sinatra’s producer picked a slew of records from which to choose. Put off by the idea of sitting in an office combing through a stack of demos Sinatra turned to his producer and said, “No. [You] pick one song”. The producer reached for one of the records he had earlier sampled—the Cy Coleman demo of “Witchcraft”. With that one reach, history was made.

“Witchcraft” became one of Sinatra’s signature tunes and is one that many artists embrace in order to pay tribute to Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Honoring us with their tribute, MUSE/IQUE welcomes Tierney Sutton and Alan Steinberger.