In A Minute! (...Or Two): Ep. #73

Ep. #73 Featuring Sarah Vautor and Rolando Salazar
“Der Erlkönig”

When you think of 19th century Romantic Music, it’s likely that you think of Franz Schubert. Schubert’s music heralded the turn from the stringent rules of Classicism to the emotionally fraught and tempestuous Romantic Era. Franz Schubert was slightly ahead of the pack creating elegant musical ways to represent nature, indi vidual characters, and even the raw emotional state of those characters.

In his stunning song “Der Erlkönig”, we hear the relentless gallop of the horse in the equally relentless triplet figure in the piano-a test of speed, strength, and stamina for any pianist! We hear the ominous bass line soaring through as if the “Elf King” is right behind us. The singer represents all the characters in the piece, including a narrator, and while sung in German, the subtle musical tricks Schubert employed in composing the song (moving from minor keys to major keys, and whispers to shrieks) allow any listener to experience the story.

In the final stanzas of the song, the speed of the piano slows as the galloping horse is reined-in and the father arrives at his destination. He is too late. The “Elf King” has claimed another young soul and is on to the next…

Here to tell you the spine-tingling tale all the way from Atlanta, GA, is Soprano Sarah Vautour and pianist Rolando Salazar.