LA Street Scene

We welcome our members to a launch party celebrating the season ahead!

LA Street Scene

This season, we're offering multiple showings of each event in order to bring the live music experience to as many people as possible.

Join us for an exclusive season preview that will take you on a journey through the musical history of Los Angeles: the music, the artists, and the streets that paved the way and make LA a center for nonstop cultural awakening.

Our all-star ensemble, led by Artistic Director Rachael Worby, takes you all across our fabulous city, from the singers-songwriters of Laurel Canyon, to the icons of the soundstage in Hollywood, to the jazz scene of Central Avenue–and everything in between!

Featuring Ashley Faatoalia, Kay-Ta Matsuno, Giovanna Moraga Clayton, Liv Redpath, Alan Steinberger, Jamey Tate, Michael Valerio, Jorge Villanueva, and Leah Zeger.

We're welcoming our members to this first peek at the season ahead. Becoming a member has never been easier! 
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